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I am reviewing my mom's claims online ... she has Medicare Advantage from Blue Cross. She gets picked up by the ambulance everyother day because she is bed-confined and they take her to her dialysis treatment and then takes her back home.
From what I know, Basic ambulance service means at least one member of the ambulance crew is certified at the basic emergency medical technician (EMT) level.
Advanced ambulance service means at least one of the ambulance crew is additionally certified to provide emergency procedures, which at a minimum includes defibrillation and/or synchronized cardioversion.

Is the only unique difference between A0426 Ambulance service, advanced life support, non-emergency transport, Level 1 (ALS1) and A0428 Ambulance service, basic life support, non-emergency transport (BLS) the type of ambulance staff, because looking at my mom's statements, sometimes they bill both codes, but there was never a time she needed intervention - and the reimbursement is the same from the insurance - which is why I tend to think it is just the type of ambulance that provides the transport? Am I making sense?? Thanks for any help...


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I do not have any direct knowledge or experience with this type billing but from what I remember in past discussions with ambulance transportation for office patients, there is a difference in the ambulance itself, not just the staff. Depending on the patient situation, a basic life support could not response to certain calls. It would make sense that an advanced would cost more to operate, regardless of the reimbursement.