Angio celiac and splenic with embolization


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:eek: I am hoping to get some advice on the coding for medical record below.

Procedures: Selective celiac arteriogram, splenic arterirogram, segmental lower pole branch arteriogram x2, splenic artery coil embolization 3 x 2 Tornado coil x 1


The right groin was prepped and draped in sterial fashion and the right common femoral artery was accessed utilizing micropunture and a 5-French sheth was placed in the right common femoral artery over a guide wire. Initially a 4-French Mickelson catheter was advanced into the celiac access and celiac arteriogram was obtained.

The catheter was then exchanged for a 4 -French Cobra catheter with selective catheterization of the splenic artery and splenic arteriogram was obtained.

A Microflex microcatheter was then advanced through the 4-French catheter into the splenic artery with selective catheterization of lower pole splenic seqmental branches. It was not possible to obtain satisfactory coil embolization at this distal location. A 3 x 2 Tornado coil was deployed in the splenic artery just distal to the origin of the upper and mid pole splenic segmental artery branches. Immediate followup arteriography demonstrated hypoperfusion to the lower pole of the spleen encompassing the area of previously noted pseudoaneurysms. The more superior pseudoaneuysm was not visualized and there was only faind delay/diminshed opacification of the more inferior pseudoaneurysm.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer on the above.

Sharon Tomany