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So I have a procedure where the doc did a posterior interbody fusion of L4-5 and L5-S1. But later after he documents laminectomy and discectomy with this, he documents placement of pedicle screws bilaterally at L4, L5, and S1, then he does a rod placement, and documents sponylolisthesis reduction. He wants to get botht the 22630, and the 22612. I don't know enough to know if you can code these in same op session, or if this is even appropriate. It would seem to me that you can only code one technique or the other, which in this case would be the 22630, but I don't know for sure at all. Please help again! thanks again!!:confused:

Has the issue of Medicare denying 22842, 22851 and 20931 with 22633 been solved? We are still being denied and Medicare has told me the AMA has to solve this by notifying Medicare there was an error. As of the April quarterly update that Medicare just received, AMA has not addressed this issue.
I don't understand how they could deny the instrumentation codes, or the graft. They do not appear in the NCCI col 2 for the new spinal surgery code. Why is this the fault of the AMA? I don't see anything in the 2012 CPT that makes a conflict between the new spine codes and the instrumentation codes.