Apgar Score

I don't think you bill it out separately - ..it's just a visual sort of test, given twice to the newborn - once at 1 minute old and the second at 5 minutes after birth. Five factors are used to evaluate the baby's condition and each factor is scored on a scale of 0 to 2, with 2 being the best score:

activity and muscle tone
pulse (heart rate)
grimace response (medically known as "reflex irritability")
appearance (skin coloration)
respiration (breathing rate and effort)
Doctors, midwives, or nurses add these five factors together to calculate the Apgar score. Scores obtainable are between 10 and 0, with 10 being the highest possible score.
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Okay, thanks. I was doing a practice test from aapc's website and it asked "an apgar score is given to what type of pt to denote what kind of findings?" I wasn't sure what this was and couldn't find it in the CPT book. Any suggestions?