Wiki Appropriate code for fulguration of endometriosis?

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Appropriate code for fulguration of endometriosis?

CPT code 58356 and HCPCS Level II code C2618 would be a good bet.


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Hello, I'm trying to code a "fulguration of endometriosis", including a diagnostic laparoscopy. Does anyone have any suggestions on the CPT(s) to use?

I would use 58661 - this includes the diagnostic lap. use the 617.x for the endometriosis.
If via the laparoscopy then 58662, if you have Encoder Pro check this code on their software. I think it reads fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic visera or peritoneal surface , any method.
I think that the information you provided from is way to vague to suggest any CPT codes. However I would definetely not go with the first suggestion as that doesn't even come close to what you described.

I agree with Ellie, Carol, and Garcia use code 58662 it will include the dx lap. ICD-9 code of 617.X.

Angie Wood, CPC
I would use 58662 with the DX 617.__ for whatever site the endometriosis is in.. 58356 is what we use for a cryoablation...Totally different..
Appropriate code for fulguration of endometriosis

I agree that 58662 is the proper code since it is the laparoscopic approach.
Fulguration of endometrosis

i have found code 58660 for laparscopic fulguration of (endometriosis) adhesions

defined by ingenix endcoder pro as :
The physician performs a laparoscopic surgical cutting/releasing (lysis) of scar tissue (adhesions) surrounding the ovaries and/or fallopian tubes with the assistance of a fiberoptic laparoscope. The physician may first insert an instrument through the vagina to grasp the cervix and manipulate the uterus during surgery. Next, the physician makes a small incision just below the umbilicus through which a fiberoptic laparoscope is inserted. A second incision is made in the abdomen with additional instruments being placed through these incisions into the abdomen or pelvis. The physician manipulates the tools so that the pelvic organs can be observed, manipulated and lysis of adhesions can be performed. The abdomen is deflated, the trocars removed, and the incisions are closed with sutures.

for non laparscopic approach i use code 57740

defined by ingenix endcoder pro as :
The physician cuts free any fibrous tissue adhering to the ovaries or tubes through a small incision just above the pubic hairline.

hope this helps!! Karen K CPC, Peoria, IL chapter