arthroscopic assisted knee resurfacing


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Good Morning - my doc did an arthroscopically assisted knee resurfacing of the femur with chondroplasty and microfracture to the lateral femoral condyle - this is a first for me and I am unsure what codes to use.

Patient had delaminating lesions of the lateral copartment which were debrided, coblated and microfracture performed arthroscopically.

From there, proceeded with knee resurfacing to the medial compartment, femoral component.

Midline incision performed and carried down, reaming performed after sizing to an 8 x 2 femur.

Screw holes followed by reaming followed by placement of the screws, cement prepared and bed prepared for the femur and component placed.

Alignment and position verified and identified to be appropriate for the new contour of the femur.

Knee was ranged and closure perform to the wound.

I am looking at 27446 for the open and 29879 for the chondroplasty/microfracture through the arthroscope.

Can anyone please help?

Dx is left knee medial femoral condylar defect.