arthroscopy lateral release


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I am in the process of billing this knee surgery. The procedure was arthroscopy of the knee with excision of thickened medial plica, chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle and lateral retinacular release.
I see that the 29873 for lateral release bundles the medial plica excision 29875. My question is can i bill for the medial compartment chondroplasty with G0289? In the op note he states "attention turned to plica excision and lateral retinacular release and lateral parapatellar portal made. Plica was excised. Lateral retinacular release was performed. There was excellent release obtained and significant improvement in alignment of the patella after the release.
I know the three compartments: 29873-lateral release ? patellofemoral. Medial plica is included in the 29873 I think according to the Global Data Service so does that mean i can bill G0289 for chondroplasty medial femoral condyle with a 59? Thank you for any assistance you can give me.