Question ATT vs muscle flaps


Graniteville, South Carolina
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Can someone please explain to me the differences between a muscle flap and adjacent tissue transfer? The OP note says "procedure performed: gluteus maximus myocutaneous flap closure, V-Y fashion of the sacral wound measuring 15x9cm". In the body of the note, she does state "I made an incision through the V-Y advancement flap on the left in a V fashion. I then dissected out the gluteus maximus muscle and advanced that medially. The superior gluteal and inferior gluteal arteries were dopplered again for identification. I then sutured the gluteus maximus muscle to the contralateral sacral fascia with 0 PDS".

I am not sure if she is doing an adjacent tissue transfer (V-Y flap) or an actual muscle flap. She does mention the arteries and names the muscle. Please help!!