Auditing Nerve Conduction Studies


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Can you help me with the total number of nerves for billing? I put what I think counts and what I am not sure on. Can you email me directly at:

Anti-sensory summary:

Right Median D2 anti-sensory (median D2)

Right Median D3 anti-sensory (3rd digit)

Right Radial anti-sensory (base 1st digit)

Right Ulnar D5 anti-sensory (5th digit)

So I count 4

Motor summary:

Right Median motor (abd poll brev)

Right Ulnar motor (abd dig minimi)

Right Ulnar inching motor (FDI) not sure if this is counted separately since ulnar is above

So either 2 or 3 depending on the ulnar inching (FDI)

Sensory Comparison Summary:

Right Median/Radial Sensory Comparison (Digit 1)

Median 10cm

Radial 10cm

Not sure if this counts and if so 1 or 2?

F Wave Studies:

Right Median

Right Ulnar

This does not count