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Fresh Meadows, NY
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I came across a few Medical Billing positions for anyone who is interested. The first one is with a new company called Ambulnz and the other is for e-solutions inc. The specifics are attached. These are very promising positions with reputable companies for anyone looking to build their experience in field. If you would like to know more, please reach out to the following people:

A/R Rep Position-Neha Rathi
email: neha.r@e-solutionsinc.com
phone#: 732-408-6481
*This is a 100% remote positon*

Medical Billing Specialist (Ambulnz)-Angela Tantillo
email: atantillo@forumgrp.com
phone#: 212-687-4050 ext 114
*This position is based in NYC and may require you to be on site.*


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