BCBS billing AST & ALT


Nicholls, GA
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BCBS is denying all my 84450's (AST) that are billed on the same claim as the ALT (84460). They are paying the 84460 and changing the code to 80076 and denying the 84450 stating it is inclusive in the 80076 (hepatic function panel). We are not billing nor requesting all the components of this panel so I am confused as to why they are changing the code. If we are doing the AST and ALT should we just start billing the 80076 even though we aren't doing all components of that panel? I am confused when to bill separately vs when to bill a panel. I was always under the understanding that you have to do all components of a panel if you are going to bill that panel code. I could really use any help in this area.
Thanks in advance.