Question Bilateral Intact Breast Removal and Re-Implantation

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I need some guidance on correctly coding for removal of Intact Breast Implants and Re-implantation of the same implant. Patient was having breast discomfort and elected to have implants removed. Her thought was they were punctured.

Here is the Op report:

Each side was approached in identical fashion as follows. Her prior primary crease scar were sharply excised with a 10 blade. Dissection proceeded with cautery through the underlying soft tissued until the implant capsule was reached. The implant capsule was incised with cautery and the implant exposed. Implants were removed bilaterally intact and carefully inspected. Each implant was found to be the same, smooth round moderate profile plus silicone gel breast implant size 300c. Implants were washed and prepared to be returned to the patient. The pocket was palpated and no significant pathology was appreciated. Closure done with suture.

Since the same implants were put back in and no additional work done to capsule, should I go with Augmentation code and not Removal of intact implants?

Thank you.


Peru, IN
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so 19342 is if a mastectomy was done
use augmentation if the original implant surgery was cosmetic 19328 for removal of intact implant and 19325 if a larger one put in
just removal of implant 19328