Billing 29807 with 29806

If both a capsulorrhaphy and a SLAP lesion repair are performed and well documented, you should be able to report both codes with modifier 59 on 29806...
I also bill it with a 59 modifier if they were truely separate. we have been paid. we do appeal them if they are denied as well.
There's a good article that specifically addresses 29806/29807 in the September 2007 BoneFide News. The article is by Heidi Stout, CPC, CCS-P. Too much info to put here, but to quote one line "Remember, CCI bundles code 29807 into 29806 so it is not appropriate to report both codes unless the capsular defect is in a different area than the SLAP lesion". The article tells how to code using the clock face locations. If no access to this article, maybe you could email Heidi & she could send her article to you.