Billing 31600 & 31615 together? (trach & bronch through trach)


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I was wondering if it was appropriate to bill 31600 (Tracheostomy) & 31615 (Tracheobronchoscopy)? I know there is not a CCI edit or bundling issues, but I'm still unsure if it is actually accurate billing.

I know that the Tracheostomy code is with bronoscopic guidance, but since the last lines of the OP note read " Bronchoscope then directed into the left and right bronchial trees", is that is enough to warrant the 31615?

Op note (condensed)
....The cricoid cartilage and tracheal cartilage were palpated and the midline skin was locally anesthetized with lidocaine. An approximate 2 cm midline vertical incision was then made through the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The midline strap muscles were then bluntly dissected from the underlying trachea. The tracheal cartilage was then palpated and the 2-3 tracheal rings identified. Under digital palpation, the oral endotracheal tube was slowly withdrawn until proximal to the 2-3 tracheal rings. Using a Seldinger technique, the trachea was then cannulated and a flexible guidewire advanced into the distal trachea. Appropriate placement was verified wit continuous bronchoscopic guidance. The tract was then dilated using a "Blue Rhino" dilator. An 8.0 shiley tracheostomy tube was then placed over the guidewire into the trachea. The tube was connected to the ventilator. Adequate expiratory volumes were ensured. The tracheostomy tube was then secured using sutures and trach ties. The bronchoscope was then inserted into the trachea via the newly placed tracheostomy tube. Appropriate positioning was verified. The Bronchoscope was then directed into the left and right bronchial trees and all secretions cleared via suction.

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