Billing for medications dispensed at an inpatient detox


Stuart, FL Sailfish Chapter
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I posted about this in the Behavioral Health section, but I thought there might be a wider audience here that can point me in the right direction.

I am looking for guidance on how to bill for the taper medications we provide through our inpatient/residential detox facility. We have a facility pharmacy license and DEA#. The taper is ordered by our medical director (MD psychiatrist.) We subcontract our pharmacist to dispense the medications and they are brought to the patients by an RN or LPN.

From my understanding when this happens in a hospital, the medications are billed to insurance (although I am not sure if its part of the facility charges or if its submitted to the PBM.) I did find J codes for just about all of the medications we dispense, and I do see the 25X rev codes, but I have no idea on how to apply them. I would also need to know proper documentation. (We do document every medication administered and have a waste log, but our documentation only gives MG administered and has no NDC information.)

I know almost nothing about this, so if I can pointed in the right direction that would be great. I also know that there is a chance I am spinning my wheels and our type of facility cannot bill for medications, knowing that would help too.

Thanks in advance.