Billing of a skilled nursing home admit


West Point, Nebraska
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When a patient is discharged from acute care status at the hospital and admitted to swingbed skilled care status within the same hospital on the same day and the doctor makes only one face-to-face visit are you able to bill both the Discharge from acute hospital visit (99238) and an admit to SNF for the same day. The physician does dictate a Discharge summary but there is no additional exam noted or dictated for the admission to the SNF in the SNF medical record chart.

Also we have another question:

When coding for clinic services. I am being told by the biller that you can never list any V codes as primary or they will deny. Is this correct information? I was trying to use the “Aftercare following the fracture” codes V54.1x and was told that we should use the acute fracture codes instead. Thanks!

ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks.