Bladder Cancer?

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What diagnosis code would you use in this situation...Pt had bladder bx/fulguration 3 months ago. The pathology came back as bladder cancer (TCC). Now, the pt has a NEW bladder tumor that was bx/fulgurated. The pathology for this particular tumor was benign. Do I use benign bladder tumor with a hx of bladder cancer or do I still code for bladder cancer?
That is what I was doing. But the doc says they ALWAYS have bladder cancer & I do not agree with that statement. I tried explaining that even if the patient was diagnosed with bladder cancer 3 months ago, this particular tumor was in fact benign. It does not seem ethical to bill bladder cancer.
I realize they still have bladder cancer but you are billing for the benign tumor biopsy? Not the fulgaration 3 months prior....I guess what I am saying is I totally agree with you. You could put the bladder cancer dx as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th dx since it is not related to this visit.