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What are the correct cpt codes for the following procedure?

Procedure Performed:Bronchoscopy with bronchial washings, BAL and bronchial brushes (microbiology) of the RML and RLL.Pre-Procedure Diagnosis: abnormal chest CT wit a 5 cm cavitated lesion right lung.Post Procedure Diagnosis: same as above. Anesthesia Present: No Type of Anesthesia: Moderate Conscious Sedation, duration: 20 minutes Medication Used: Fentanyl 75 mcg and Versed 4 mg IV were given throughout the procedure. Bronchoscopy Procedure Device: Fiber-optic flexible Approach: nasal( right nostril) Specimens to Laboratory: Specimens were sent for AFB stain and culture, fungal stain culture, and Gram stain culture, as well as cytology, and cell count. EBL: Less than 5 ml Complications: none Photo Taken: no Procedure details: Patient was brought to the bronchoscopy suite where he was monitored by blood pressure, EKG and oximetry. he was given up to 3 L of oxygen nasal cannula during the right nostril and advanced to the vocal cords. The vocal cords appeared edematous and symmetric.The bronchoscope was passed through the vocal cords and advanced to level of the carina. Tracheal walls were normal. The bronchoscope was then inserted in the right main bronchus where a systematic survey of the right upper lobe, right middle lobe, and right lower lobe and respective segments was undertaken. Bronchial washings, BAL and bronchial brushes ( micro) of the RLL and RML were obtained. Bronchoscope was then inserted into the left main bronchus where a systematic survey of the left upper lobe and lower lobe and respective segments was undertaken. There were no endobronchial lesions, moderate amount of grayish secretions and mild inflammation in both lungs. The bronchoscope was then withdrawn and procedure terminated. The patient tolerated the procedure well without complications.

This is what I have so far - 31623-50,31624-50,59,99152