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Are there any guidelines for prescription call-in?

Is there a timeframe for calling in a prescription for a patient? Lets say you last seen the patient in your office a month ago and the parent called you today and ask for a prescription for antibotics?

Do you need to have seen the patient for that problem before calling in a prescription?

Is there something in writing to address this issue?
I would say, generally, there are no fixed guidelines for non-controlled substances (at least in Texas). So long as a physician-patient relationship exists, the physician has wide latitude in what he or she feels comfortable treating over the telephone for the best interest of the patient. Having said that, there are many compelling medical and legal arguments for a physician to use this privilege in a very cautious and judicious manner. There are strict federal and state laws that apply to the prescribing of controlled substances, however, and some of these medications can never be prescribed verbally. Personally, for acute conditions, I try not to prescribe medications over the phone for a problem I have not previously addressed with the patient. If I feel bound to act, to protect the health and wellbeing of the patient, I try to do so short term (2-3 days), until I can get the patient into the office for an evaluation.