Can an MA, ARNP bill for 90804 - 90815?


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Can an ARNP bill for 90804 - 90815 services in a clinic setting if they have indirect supervision by a physician. ARNP billed 99215

314.01 Attn Deficit disorder w hyperactivity (primary encounter dix)
V20.2 Developmental screen
V62.3 Academic problem
V79.8 ADHD evaluation
V49.89 Fine motor impairment
315.89 Speech/language delay

Referral: behavioral therapist, extensive autism eval, ot, st - parent given phone numbers. Care coordinator offerec to help if mom interested.
School: Reassess at October visit
Behavior: Discussed ignoring or doing time outs. Acknowledge and award attntion to desirable behaviors.
Medication: continue .... Discussed medication, side effects, benefits risks....
Care Cordination: Assist family with referrals as needed

Based on records appears 90807 would better describe services since 45 minutes out of 55 consisted of counseling and or cordination of care as documented in notes. Time does not include time spent on developmental testing adm, interpretation and report.


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I am more concerned with your dx codes. I agree with your 90807 though
but to use the 314.01 along with the V79.8 tells me the patient has not yet been diagnosed with ADHD. The 315.89 is concerning as well since it is a code that does not exist currently.
and the V20.2 is first listed only allowable
I would draw your attention to the codes in the 799.xx category regarding attention issues and cognitive issues.
It is very concerning in my mind to "label" a child with a mental disorder they may not truely have.
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