Can Ortho. charge for setting FX at a school?


Tallahassee, FL
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We have an orhopedic doctor who set a fracture at a school during/after sports event. Can he charge for this service with school location and documentation?

Our team doctors are a different doctor than this particular one in our group, and they volunteer their time at our area college.
Thank you in advance.
Lynn S.
Really good question... If they volunteer then I am assuming they do not have a contract with the college. Our docs have a contract with the colleges, therefore any services provided on site or at other games is included in our contract fee. Not much help, I know... I would imagine he needs to be contracted to do so, no? :(
This particular doctor is not one of our 2 team doctors with the college. He is another Orthopedic in our practice that was at a school and treated a fracture and documented it.
Has anyone ever billed with the location of a school (3) and gotten paid?
Thanks so much.
Lynn, CPC