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If You Were Coding, And Then Got A Call From The Physician Office Staff Asking For A Cpt Code For

Eeg Procedure, Diagnosis Is Sleep Deprive.

What Would You Tell Them, Looking At The Section In The Cpt Book It's Such A Broad Range. I Gave Them The Cpt Code 95816.

The Question Is Being Ask Because It's For Authorization Request From The Insurance.

I Went With, 95816.

Any Input.

Daniel, Cpc
Pretty good guess

That's a pretty good guess, but I think I would have gone back to the doctor to ask what was actually being ordered. It could be 95812, 95813 or 95819.

Sometimes you can tell by looking at the chart and actually see what the doctor is requesting. Sometimes you have to go talk to the doc.

If you find that the doctor really intends to have the patient have a different procedure than 95816, I'd ask for an amendment to the pre-auth as soon as possible.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M
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