CCI Edits and RVU's


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Help - Newly certified - Just wondering if there was a manual or something RE:CCI Edits or RVU's. Went to the meidicare website for Correct Coding Initiative and didn't understand it. Thanks for any input.:eek:


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Don't be embarrassed

I worked with certified coders who been in the industry for years and couldn't tell you what RBRVUs were. Or couldn't locate CCI


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There are several link that helped me: under the "overview" link, scroll down
1. to frequently asked questions (NCCI FAQ) & at the bottom of the page you can select "print answer". This helped me understand about CCI edits when I first started coding and doing Insurance follow-up.
2. The Modifier 59 article is also useful.
3. The link labeled NCCI Policy Manual for Part B Medicare Carriers is the guidelines for that section. Ex Chapter 6 includes the 40000 series codes related to the digestive system, here it gives you detailed quidelines.
~~also, there is a CCI Manual you can purpose, it is somewhat expensive since you can get the information free on CMS' website, but sometimes you can employers to purchase them.
This is my Medicare carrier's site (alabama) and they have on there under Part B, claims, fee schedules, 2008, Medicare physician fee schedule database indicator descriptors. Here it tells you what each column of the RBRVS table is for and what each indicator within the column means/is telling you. These descriptors are the same whether I am looking at my MC carrier's RBRVS or looking at them on the CMS website for the national RBRVS. There is a RBRVS book you can purchase. I find the book easier to read than the website. If you want to send me your fax# I can try to fax you the pages that tells you about each column and it's indicators. Also, please feel free to send me a private message or email, if you have any questions.

Hope this helps.