Certified Medical Coder looking for employment in the D/FW area


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My name is Liz Lundin, CPC-H. I have over 5 years of coding experience. I coded mostly OP. I briefly Anesthesia coded charge tickets by reviewing CPT, ICD-9, assigning ASA codes, and HCPCS as supporting documentation for charge tickets. I reviewed them for inaccuracies, incompleteness and to make corrections.

For over 5 years I worked at a hospital coding Emergency Department, OP L&D and some ancillary when time permitted. In that capacity I had coded some diabetes, Rehab, some day surgery and G.I. charts. I was very goal oriented and led the Coding Department in Billhold goal for the Emergency Department in 2006 and now IP/OP types meet TRAC most months.

I would like to make a good and positive difference to your organization.


Liz Lundin, CPC-H