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Rome, GA
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We are a new local chapter located in Rome Ga. We want to utilize our Rome Chapter Forum to post our newsletters and meeting minutes for our members to view. Do any other chapters use their forum for this type of information. If you do, what is the procedure for doing this? Is there a way to attach the document or do you just cut and paste? If you cut and paste, is there a space limit. Thanks for any info on this.

Peggy Green, CPC
Rome GA Chapter President

I am president of the DC Chapter. We use the forum(s) for lots of information. Announcements of seminar and meetings, guest speakers, special events. We have a separate newsletter that goes out via email bi-monthly. Out newsletter is two pages usually with pictures, which you could cut and paste but we just choose email for that.

The forum(s) are great cause if someone misses an email or newsletter, they can always check on the forum. We announce at each meeting and via the newsletter to always check the forums. If we have a meeting cancellation for some reason, we post it immediately and always ask people to check the forum before coming to an event.

Hope that helps,

Chapter newsletter

Thanks for the information. We will probably email our newsletter, also. This month it is 3 pages long, too much to cut and paste.

Chapter newsletters and other info

Hey Peggy,

I do both! I email all info and I post it on the AAPC website under our chapter area. I have found that very few of our chapter members use the forum. So to prevent members from missing any info, I email and then copy and paste in the forum. I have only had one newsletter where I had to cut it down, and in that case I was able divide it in two and just have a continuation.

I always write a meeting summary (more detail than in the minutes) following each chapter meeting, and I email and post this also.

I like the pictures in the newsletter idea! I thought about doing that at one time but just never did!

Good luck!
Savannah, GA chapter
Chapter newsletter

Thanks, Freida

We may try to do both the email and forum. We are really encouraging our members to check the forum often. I know I am usually on here a couple of times a week.

By the way, I just love Savannah. If you are ever up in North Ga. Stop by for a visit.