Charging for supplies


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IF a patient has a procedure done in the office, for example: I&D of pilonidal you charge for the surgical supplies in addtion to procedure code 10080?

When my surgeons do an office procedure which necessitates supplies (gauze, suture, local anesthesia, etc ) and use of instruments I also submit A4550 (Surgical trays). That being said, I do not submit this code for medicare/medicaid or medicare replacement products as it is not allowable by those carriers. Not all private carriers will reimburse for this code, it depends on your contract, however, it costs nothing to try to get reimbursement and who ever negotiates your contracts with the private carriers might want to make sure it is included in the payable codes. It does not pay much, but if your practice is anything like the one I work for it would very quickly add up to a sizeable amount. Hope this was helpful for you. :)