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Lebanon, MO
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Needing help with this procedure report:

Date of Procedure: May 1, 2012
Time of Procedure: 09:50
left pnuemothorax
Chest Tube
Chest Tube Location mid axillary line
Size of Tube 24
Chest Tube Procedure sterile drapes applied (chloraprep prep), sterile dressing applied
Chest Tube Anesthesia Lidocaine w/ Epi
Volume Anesthetic (ccs) 5
Rush of Air Heard Yes
Number of Attempts 1
Tube Drainage see nurses notes
Tube Sutured to Skin Yes (with 2-0 nylon)
Post Procedure CXR? Yes (CT scan of chest shows tube in correct position and pnuemothorax mostly resolved.)
Additional Comments
15 blade scalpel was used to make initial incision in midaxillary line over about the 6th rib with blunt dissection though subcutaneous tissue to plueral space. The pleural space was then entered with a hemostat and then the 24 fr. straight chest tube inserted to about 16 cm and attached to water seal. The tube was then secured to the skin and xeroform gauze, 4x4's and medipore tape dressing applied. pt tolerated procedure well, without desaturation or change in vital signs, no respiratory distress.