CMC joint injection


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Can anyone tell me definitively what cpt code is for the CMC joint injection ? I have been using 20600. One of my doctors is stating 20605. And if you have a source for the information, that you could share with me, it would be wonderful. Thank you

" 0.5cc Lidocaine and 20 mg Kenalog were injected into the left CMC Joint "
Dx is CMC/ST arthritis of the left thumb
The CMC would be coded to small joint, not intermediate. There is an AMA CPT Knowledge Base article that confirms this. CPT Knowledgebase - Oct 26, 2017
There's also more than one CPT Assistant on it.
See CPT Assistant August 2017/Volume 27 Issue 8
"Question: When a physician performs a right first carpometacarpal joint injection without ultrasound guidance, is it appropriate to report code 20605 for an intermediate joint injection (eg, wrist), or is it appropriate to report code 20600 for a small joint injection?
Answer: The carpometacarpal joint is considered a small joint, therefore, it is appropriate to report code 20600, Athrocentesis, aspiration, and/or injection, small joint or bursa (eg, fingers, toes); without ultrasound guidance, for this procedure."

See CPT Assistant February 2015/Volume 25 Issue 2

The same would apply if ultrasound guided - 20604 as stated above.