CMS delaying ICD 10 to October 2014

I saw that hmm not going to hold my breath and if the Mayans are right we wont have to worry about it anyway lol
ICD-10 Postponed

AAPC title of article is misleading........if you readi it closely, ICD-10 delay is still only on a PROPOSED delay.
Why yes it does I just read the article from the HHS website. Me personally am tired of all the drama behind ICD-10.
What I find interesting, if it's only a proposed delay, why has AAPC already updated the website? Under the ICD-10 implementation section they have changed the starting date to 2014.

I misread the article too. I was focused on the title and the change on the website so I missed the proposed part! :eek:
I didnt notice that either. May explain why Ahima didnt update anything yet. Went on their site and nothing about ICD 10
I just want to believe this is just smoke and mirrors! It is just proposed and they can still implement 2013 as planned. But if they keep "proposing" a push back then those that are opposed to ICD-10 CM will lay back. I just want it done and over with. I have been teaching this code set now for 6 months and it is easier and better in so many ways! I am ready lets "GET ER DONE!!"
Noticed once again it only says compliance, not implementation. Still thinking this may go the way of 5010. i personally am going to stay true to target on planning and training for my office.

No not for visits from that day forward. ICD-9 CM will be acceptable only for visits that are prior to the ICD-10 CM implementation date. This is why the 5010 transaction has a version indicator which is one digit that will indicate whether the claim is an ICD-9 CM claim or an ICD-10 CM claim.
Yes, its published as a proposed rule in the Federal Register (that's the procedural process) but 99% likely to be a final rule soon so I think we can hold the date. Implementation needs to start now and should not stop or slow down. one year goes by really fast!