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I am a little stuck on this one, I have the 29826 for the first part of the surgery but am torn on the other procedure and how to code, any help would be appreciated. Here is the op note:

Title: Rt shoulder arthroscopy w/ debridement of labral lesion and arthroscopic anterior acromioplasty.

Dx: Labral injury and impingement syndrome.

To save typing i am skipping right to the dictatated part of procedure -- There was some mild flap tearing of the posterior aspect of the superior labrum and a little tearing in the anterior aspect, more inferiorly and I shaved these areas with a small shaver after establishing the anterior portal with a switching rod. I then was comfortable that there was no other significant pathology in the shoulder joint itself and I turned my attention to the subacromial area. I made the lateral portal and inserted the scope. I then put in the ArthroCare wand and removed the soft tissues from the undersurface of the acromion. I placed two 22-gauge needles, one throught the AC joint and one at the anterior superior aspect of the acromion for guideposts and then I identified the CA ligament. This was released with the ablator. hemostatsis was with electrocautery. I then debrided the bursa. The rotator cuff itself was intact and I then used the arthroscopic resector to remove the bone until a nice, straight, flat profile acromion was obtained. I shaved from the AC joint over to the anterior acromion and made sure that the debridement was complete.

So, again 29826 for the acromioplasty, but I am torn between 29807 and 29825 of which are close to what he did but not really. Any thoughts?