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Has anyone saw anything published stating what coder per physician capita should be?
I'm sure someone handy with such things could extrapolate some sort of statistic out of the salary surveys, but I'm not sure the data would support that.

This doesn't exactly give you the stuff you're looking for, but it's a start.

I worked at a large multi-spec. clinic several years ago. When the manager knew or felt like the coding was overwhelming her staff, she started keeping data on it. How many cases each coder was doing, how much time it took each coder to do those cases and after 3 months or so, she'd prove her point to administration and a new position would emerge.

There are probably a number of variables to take into consideration, such as specialty, work load of the docs., type of records reviewed, timely submission requirements to keep A/R at a manageable level and other requirements in the job description "coder."

Hope this starts the creative juices flowing. Good luck with what you're doing.