Codes for Nurse interrogations for pacemakers

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I work at a hospital where the nurses do the interrogation on the pacemakers. Prior to the 2009 CPT codes it did not specify that a physician did the interrogations. The only code that we have come up with to use for the nurse would be:

93724--Electronic analysis of antitachycardia pacemaker system (includes electrocardiographic recording, programming of device, induction and termination of tachycardia via implanted pacemaker, and interpretation of recordings.)

However, this can only be used with tachycardia. What about the nurse interrogation and re-programming for A-fib? We do not want to use the unlisted cardiovascular service or procedure code (93799) since it would not be comparable with the code used for the interrogation. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Please help—
Leanne, CPC