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My question is regarding an article Facet Joint Injections: Code with Precision in the December 2008 issue. In it, the article states that facet joint injections are given per level, not per number of actual injections.
In other words, C4/C5 is one level and if two injections were given in the right side of C4/C5 you would only code 64470 one time. If you coded two injections on both the right and left side at C4/C5 you would code 64470-50 (one unit).

The last paragraph of the article (on page 31) is discussing the documentation and that paragraph seems to contradict the paragraph at the tom of the same page. The last paragraph states,"Two facet joint nerve injections at the right side C4/C5 and two facet joint nerve injections at the left side C4/C5. Not only will this satisfy documentation requirements, it will lead to more accurate coding (in this case, 64470-50 and
+64472-50)." If all the injections, right and left were C4/C5 why would
the add-on code be used? I am very confused by this article.

Can someone please explain this?