Coding for: Bone Marrow Edema

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This is something that I've seen documented quite a bit recently, and I've received conflicting answers on how to code for it, such as:

R60.9 = Edema, unspecified
D75.89 = Other specified diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
M89.9 = Disorder of bone, unspecified

If you have any insight on how this should be coded, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
This might help:

AHA ICD-10 Coding Clinic​

ATE - Bone Marrow Edema (2020 Vol 7, No. 1)
The patient presents for outpatient magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the foot. The findings demonstrated bone marrow edema of the left first metatarsal. When queried, the physician confirmed the MRI impression and stated no other injury was identified. What diagnosis code should be assigned for bone marrow edema?
Do not assign a code for bone marrow edema that is associated with an underlying condition (e.g., osteoarthritis, fracture, infection, etc.). In that case, code only the associated condition. Since there was no associated condition, in this case assign code R93.6, Abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging of limbs, for the MRI finding of bone marrow edema of the left first metatarsal. Bone marrow edema found at another site would be assigned a specific code in the same category indicating the site.