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Just a brief question on coding for coronary artery vs non coronary artery procedures. Read that any procedures consisting of the coronary artery are to be coded in the medicine section, is this pretty much regarding mainly catheters? While I was practicing coding some scenarios did come across a sample I was coding for CABG which I was using the cardio codes but did notice there were medicine codes for CABG but mentions catheterizing. Wondering is that the keyword to let me know that anything of coronary artery with mention of catheters is to be coded in medicine instead of coding everything that is regarding the coronary artery be coded in medicine?

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coronary artery

While the medicine section gives you alot of codes in regards to coronary artery work. It all depends on what work is being done to the Coronary Artery.
You have a surgical section for all the surgical procedures. However Cardiology is covered in the Medicine section as well.
When you are looking at the catheter procedures in the medicine section you will notice that if a patient has had a Coronary Artery Bypass surgical procedure and now needs a diagnostic cardiac catheterization there is a separate code for that procedure. There are more work value units on these types of patients, takes a bit longer to do the procedure.

So you need to fix understand is being done with the patient before you determine which section of the CPTbook to go to.

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