Coding for Neurotomy of Iliofemoral nerve


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Please, I need coding help for ONLY the portion of the neurolysis and neurotomy (ligation) of iliofemoral nerve during a removal of hernia mesh of previous hernia repair surgery.
***Our neurosurgeon stepped in to help the general surgeon

(Was looking in the 64774-64795 range) not sure:confused:

This is due to concerns of condyloma neuropathic pain in the groin after hernia mesh surgery

Procedure reads as follows:
After exposure of retroperitoneal mesh already in progress, we proceeded to help with the final removal of this mesh, dissected off of the soft tissues and then to perform a dissection of the inguinal canal in order to identify the fibers of the iliofemoral nerve that was found to be sevred. The nerve was followed to its perforation of the abdominal wall in the right below the superior anterior iliac crest, where had a healthy portion of the nerve, it was ligated and tied down in order to prevent recurrent growth of the neuroma. This was performed with microdissection. Closure is followed by other surgeon.

Thank you