Coding for Vein U/S interpretation

Medina, TN
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Our office has currently started to do Endovenous Ablation Therapy (EVAT) for patients with varicose veins. Before we perform the actual procedure we do an extremity study 93970. Once we receive approval from the insurance company the patient is scheduled for the ablation which is code 36475 for the first vein. Then a follow up visit is scheduled where we do another screening with code 93971. My physician wants to know if there is a way to code for the interpretation and reporting as he does all of it. The 2012 CPT book does not say that 93970 includes interpretation so how do I code for it? Please advise at your earliest convenience, thank you!

Jessica LoBianco, CPC
We do the VNUS procedures in our office and we only code the 93970 and 93971. If you have the CPT Professional on page 499 under the header Noninvasive Vascular Diagnostic Studies you will see in the first paragraph that everything is included in this code so you cannot charge for the interpertation.
I hope this helps.
Teresa Cooper, CGSC
It does, thank you. I have the standard edition, I thought it odd that it didn't state or refer to a code for interpretation. Thanks again!

Jessica LoBianco, CPC