Coding section 639- (complications following abortion, ectopic, molar pgs)


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This is an ICD-10 conversion type question, but I am looking for help from experienced OB/GYN coders, since this is not my specialty! =)

There is a group of codes in ICD-9: The 639 section- complications following abortion and ectopic and molar pregnancies. From what I gather from reading, this section is intended for coding episodes of care after the initial encounter for the abortion, molar or ectopic pregnancies.

In ICD-10, the code section O08- (Complications following ectopic and molar pregnancy) is the closest approximation to the above codes. However, the design in 10 is different than 9. First, I-10 does not include abortion in this category as it did in I-9. Second, I-10 does not seem to specify that these codes are intended for complications AFTER the initial encounter/admission as it did in I-9.

I think my question is, did the coding concept change in I-10? Are these codes specifically designed only for ectopic and molar pregnancy complications at any point in time? Or are they still specifically for episodes of care following initial hospitalization?

I hope this made sense. I am working on ICD-10 conversions and this is just one of the many crazy scenarios that I've come across! Thanks in advance for your help.
Michelle Hanson, CPC