Coding Unilateral mammograms


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I am trying to get info on billing unilateral mammograms. My mom had a unilateral mammogram done earlier this year. It was a regular 2 view mammogram - not on a digital machine as the facility does not have digital capabilities on site. She has a history of breast CA about 18 years ago and has had no recurrence. She received her bill listing 77055 twice and 77051 twice. First of all, I called the clinic about it for mom and they told me the billing system showed that she had two mammograms done on the same day, at two different sites - the one she always goes to and the other at a facility 10 miles away that she has never been to. This was the first error. My other question was how they warranted billing the add-on code 77051 for digital when it wasn't done digitally. If I were coding it, I would have coded just the 77055-26 and 77055-TC as they tell us that they do both components. Am I not understanding the use/description of the 77051? Can this be used if the mammo was not done on a digital machine? I believe my mom has BCBS-Alabama and Medicare as her insurance carrier so we also have the G-codes to consider in billing this too. Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you! Linda:confused: