Complex Cataract

Does stating Capsulorrhexis was performed using a Cystome qualify for the Complex Code 66982?
Per MLN Matters #MM4184:

66982 - Extracapsular cataract removal with insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis
(one stage procedure), manual or mechanical technique (eg, irrigation and aspiration or
phacoemulsification), complex requiring devices or techniques not generally used in routine
cataract surgery (eg, iris expansion device, suture support for intraocular lens, or primary
posterior capsulorrhexis) or performed on patients in the amblyogenic development stage.

(as long as the pre-op documentation supports the need.)

David Keown, CPC, OCS
Use of a capsular tension ring (Malyugin ring) is a good example of an Iris Expansion Device which would be used with patients who have IFIS or a miotic pupil. The term Cystome just refers to a tool which is used to open the capsule of the lens. Its not extraordinary by itself.