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Hello everyone,

I am seeking opinions on the organizations that certify Healthcare Compliance Officers. Does anyone have this credential? Is one organization more recognized than another? Thanks in advance for your input.

Glynis T. Eugene, CPC
Compliance Certification


I have a credential through the Healthcare Compliance Resources organization headed by Pati Trites. My certification is as a compliance consultant (CHCC), although HCR also offers compliance officer certification (CHCO).

Another organization, the Compliance Certification Board, offers a certification in compliance (CHC). I also think MedLearn or someone similar to them also offers compliance certification. (I think it might be through the Medical Management Institute (MMI), however I'm not certain.)

As far as recognition, I know I've seen all of the above after numerous individuals names in the medical billing community. For me it was a matter of being able to prepare on my own, and of course the cost. Some programs are more expensive than others.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Patricia Hayes, MBA, CPC, CHCC, CMM
The CCP (Certified Compliance Professional) that used to be offered through Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Compliance Institute used to be widely recognized. Last year it roled into the BMSC (Board of Medical Specialty Coding) and evolved into CCP-P.

Now, there has been a noticeable difference between folks who recognized my CCP and those that now ignore my CCP-P.

Just my offerings.