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I need help, can someone point me in the direction some sort of documentation regarding comprehensive SINGLE ORGAN exams?? I am confused on what EXACTLY is required...Thank you so much in advance!
I believe if you go to the CMS website, you will find information under the evaluation and management services regarding comprehensive single organ exams. Hope this helps.
There really is nothing to tell you what a comprehensive exam is under 95 guidelines. As a rule of thumb, I tend to look to the 97 guideline bullets contained in an organ system to get a general feeling for what a comprehensive exam should include. For a comprehensive Cardiovascular exam you would go to 97 Cardiovascular Exam and the bullets for the cardiovascular system are below:

• Palpation of heart (eg, location, size and forcefulness of the point of maximal impact; thrills; lifts; palpable S3 or S4)
• Auscultation of heart including sounds, abnormal sounds and murmurs
• Measurement of blood pressure in two or more extremities when indicated (eg, aortic dissection, coarctation)
Examination of:
• Carotid arteries (eg, waveform, pulse amplitude, bruits, apical-carotid delay)
• Abdominal aorta (eg, size, bruits)
• Femoral arteries (eg, pulse amplitude, bruits)
• Pedal pulses (eg, pulse amplitude)
• Extremities for peripheral edema and/or varicosities

This is just a place to start. You can find this information easily on the CMS website