Question Concurrent Infusion 96368 (Different IV Site - Not Meeting Medical Necessity to Report Second Initial 96365)

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Stafford, VA
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I/I Coding Scenario: 2 IV sites (LT & RT antecubital)
For the second I/I site (right antecubital), the provider did not document the reason for second iv site placement which is required to support medical necessity

Drugs given:
Diltiazem given at left antecubital site from 13:26-17:54
Porcine given at right antecubital site from 17:15-17:55
Rocephin IVP given at right antecubital site @ 1956
Cordarone given at left antecubital site from 2023-2023

Based on the fact the second initial 96365 was not coded for the Porcine which was administered at the right antecubital due to missing documentation to support medical necessity, would you then not report 96375-Rocephin IVP for this same reason? Please review and if you have any resources that you can share with me I would greatly appreciate it as I'm not able to locate anything out there that covers this type of scenario.

Thank you in advance!