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Can anyone please help me out with this confusion.
There is hierarchy for surgeries performed on coronary arteries where 1 base code with add-on-codes should be coded if more than 1 procedure is performed on the coronary artery branches. And the hierarchy is :
Atherectomy with stent > atherectomy > stent>angioplasty
Then why add on code of stent 92929 should not be coded with 92924?
Under 92929 it is not stated that it should be used with 92924.
Please help me out with this.
Thanks in advance


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this is not my area of expertise, but per EncoderPro (emphasis added by me):

92929 Percutaneous transcatheter placement of intracoronary stent(s), with coronary angioplasty when performed; each additional branch of a major coronary artery (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

Coding tip:

When medically necessary, report moderate (conscious) sedation provided by the performing physician with 99151-99153. When provided by another physician, report 99155-99157. Report 92929 in addition to 92928, 92933, 92937, 92941, or 92943. Diagnostic coronary angiography performed at the time of the procedure may be reported in certain instances, such as when no prior catheter-based angiography study has been performed or a significant change in the patient's condition has occurred since the time of a prior study. Diagnostic coronary angiography services reported at a different surgical session as a percutaneous revascularization service may be reported separately. Only one base code from the percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) codes should be reported for revascularization of a major coronary artery and its branches or revascularization of a bypass graft. The PCI base codes are 92920, 92924, 92928, 92933, 92937, 92941, and 92943, and the most intensive service for the target vessel should be selected. Services performed on additional branches should be reported using the add-on codes throughout the section. See CPT section guidelines for details on hierarchy and examples. For percutaneous transluminal coronary lithotripsy, see 0715T.