Correct TelelHealth Place of Service Code

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So, my company is a Telehealth company for Participants Of Mental Behavioral Health Services, in which we provides services Via Phone and/or Video Face to Face. I'm having a issue with one payer, in which we are contracted with, that sometimes pay use correctly and then at times they won't. The problem, is the place of service code we use. My company has Host of Therapists around the world that are under our Tax id and NPI. And are contracted under us for these services.

you may live in New York (participant) and you chose to do your sessions Via Video, your Therapist lives in Texas. The Therapist is from our company. Once your session is done we submit the claim, the claim comes back rejected because the Rendering provider lives in Tx and the services were done in NY. Yet we have a full cost sharing Contract.

Can you Help me in finding a Correct Place of Service Code to use and how to go to start the process, it would be much Appreciated.

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