Counting data points for x-rays done in office


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Can anyone give me some input on adding up the data reviewed for the MDM when an x-ray(s) is done in the office? I'm thinking I can count it as three- 1 pt for the ordering, 2 pts for the reading of the image.

One of our practices, and ortho clinic, does x-rays in the office where the ortho doc orders the x-ray there and the pt has it done there in there x-ray room. He then reads and results the image.

Thank you
Hi pineapplelvr,

What do you mean by double dipping? Should it be at least 2 pts for the image resulted by the doc?
Do you know where there is guidelines or articles specifying that on the audit tool it means only 1 pt if the x-ray is done in the x-ray dept at the physicians office?
We have this debate in our office as well with CT scans. Some view this as double dipping because the physician is already being compensated for viewing the scan with the payment of the CT itself. Why would the physician also be again for that within the E & M service?
Others in our practice disagree with this logic. Their stance is that the physician would view this image if the pt brought the CT with them so why should the physician not get credit for viewing the image just because the CT was performed within our office.

Have not found solid proof to suppport either. Would love to get others opionions as well.