CPC-A in Myrtle Beach, SC Looking for a Remote Coding Position

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I am a CPC-A certified coder looking for a Remote Coding job. I am now seeking remote employment working from my home office. I f it is a local position I am willing to come into the office a couple days of the week as well if needed.I have almost 2 years of experience working as a emergency room outpatient coder. I am experienced with CPT and ICD-9 CM codes, I can code consistently 200-230 outpatient charts daily, while maintaining a 95% accuracy rate. I am knowledgeable in medical terminology and the human anatomy. I also have experience working medical records and the front office of an OBGYN practice. I would really like a full time position but am willing to do any part time or subcontracting work as well. If you would like to contact me regarding employment please e-mail me at meganprivett1983@yahoo.com My resume is attached.


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