CPC-A Seeking Employment


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I am a newly certified CPC-A since October 2011 who is currently seeking employment with a hospital or clinic up to 40 miles from Anderson, Missouri, where I live. I am also interested in working from home.

I received my education at WTI in Joplin, Missouri. I did my externship at Access Family Care seeing how what I learned in class works in the real world.

I have over 10-plus years' experience in the medical field as a medical transcriptionist.

I am able to type 100 WPM, am knowledgeable about Word Perfect, Windows XP, running a copier, answering phones, filing charts as well as billing and coding to name a few of my skills.

I am careful and thorough in my work as I realize that I am dealing with patient's lives and their finances.

Resume and references available upon request.

Thank you ~

Gloria A. Flowers, CPC-A
395 Monroe Road
Anderson, MO 64831
417-845-6160 ~ home phone
417-456-0226 ~ cell phone
epuppy@olemac.net ~ main e-mail
ruby.eagle71@yahoo.com ~ alternate e-mail