CPC, CPC-H transfer?


Canandaigua, NY
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Does anyone know if the AAPC programs for the CPC and CPC-H constitute an associates degree in medical coding? I have taken both and would like to know if I have a degree or certificate.:)
I teach the PMCC, and students receive a certificate (from the college)upon completion of the course. That's different from the CPC or CPC-H, which are national certifications received through the AAPC after passing the exams. The PMCC course that I teach is through continuing education, so there is no college credit for it. Neither the CPC or the CPC-H is a college degree.

In short, you would have to contact wherever you took the course and see if you have satisfied their requirements for their certificate. If you took the course at a community or technical college, you will need to find out if any part of it earned credit toward an associate degree.

Hope that helps -