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Could some one tell me the "average" time for results? Tomorrow will be 4 weeks on the dot, and I have received nothing. Was just wondering what everyone elses' experience was like. Thank you.:D
Took 8 weeks to get my results in the mail. I heard nothing until the envelope came. I was so excited, I didn't want to open it. But to my suprise I passed.
Thank you for the response. Everyone at my work had their's in like 3 weeks. Of course they all passed. So I thought that since I didn't have mine yet that I failed. LOL :confused:
I found out within just a few weeks because I kept looking on "Credential Verification" option on this website. You enter your AAPC Membership # and last name and then it lists your credentials (CPC) or it'll say "non-certified member". Try this....you might get lucky and find out now if you've passed. Good Luck!
OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I went and checked... I PASSED..... YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Great Job! Stressful four weeks!? Does anyone know how many CEU's the CPC exam is worth?
I took the exam first week of May

I took the exam first week of May, and NEVER received anything to notify me of the results! Fortunately after 3 weeks I checked the credential verification option on the site (passed :). I'm going to try to call someone to see why they might leave me with nothing to show...
I got my results back within 4 weeks as I took my exam on July 15 and I received them on Aug 06 which was pretty quick. I called aapc and they mailed them out immediately.

I took the cpc exam and sadly to say I failed the 30000 series and the 50000 series.

Can anyone give me any tips or what additional resources you used to pass the test. I guess it only gives you the areas that you are weak in and I guess those are my areas.

Please know that any help given will be used.

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I took my CPC Exam on June 16...waited for the results and nothing I called AAPC and they told me they were mailed on June 26 and never received them. I called again 08/01 and they told me 7 to 10 days you'll received them...well...I just called again...still waiting...and they have my right address and name...and I received my daily house mail perfectly..so I don't know whats going on...but this is the 3 time they "send" them to me...:confused:
I took the exam 12 days ago ,is that to soon to check on the credential verification as I just checked and it said non-certified.
Yes, it may be too soon to know for sure... I remember checking mine about that time, and was mortified to see "Uncredentialed" listed! I checked again the next week, and was suddenly credentialed :) Don't give up yet! Keep checking!!